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Technical Services

Our systems infrastructure and functionality are of paramount importance to our business which is why we assembled a professional in-house team. We do not outsource any aspect of our business and take pride in providing a full-service solution to our clients.

Our technical services team are highly qualified, extremely knowledgeable and vastly experienced with all aspects of systems administration, platform design, hardware architecture, database development, content delivery, data management and software programming.

We pro-actively administer our Managed platforms to ensure all systems are functioning correctly and performing efficiently at all times. Core software updates and new feature developments are deployed at bi-annual intervals to ensure that all our platforms benefit from the latest technology and solutions so that you are in-turn able to provide your affiliate marketing partners and business administrators with resilient and reliable systems.

In addition to addressing any hardware or software maintenance and administration requirements by way of our comprehensive and unparalleled standard service level agreement, our technical services team are also available to advise and support our clients during normal business hours.

Enterprise platform clients have direct access to our technical services team to develop, integrate, deploy and support bespoke service solutions to your exact business models and specifications. Whilst we are confident that our software platforms cater for almost every requirement, we appreciate that some clients may have specific requirements which will require custom modification and unique dedicated support services.

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