Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about our multi level marketing management software designed for single platform, white-label supplier and marketing network configurations.

If you have any questions that are not already answered here, please contact us and we will be happy to help and advise.

Does your affiliate management software cater for online casino, binary options, bingo or sports betting markets?
Our affiliate management software platforms cater for the iGaming industry with the corresponding system terminology, features, tools, commission models and reporting filters.
Can your platforms work with multiple brands and products?
Yes, our platforms can work as a single brand/product marketing business solution, operators can plug-in multiple brands and/or products to a single system installation. For operators using multiple product suppliers, our platforms enable the effective management, optimization and control of their entire product wide performance marketing business from one central platform.
Can we migrate our existing partner database into your platforms?
Yes, migrating your existing database is an extremely simple process for our knowledgeable and experienced technical team. If you are migrating from a competitor product or service we can ensure that any tracking links from your old platform are automatically tracked in your new platform so tracking will not be affected in any way until they have the opportunity to replace their current links.
What are your delivery timescales?
The average timeline from order to delivery is 4 weeks, however we are able to deliver your fully tested and ready to launch system within just 2 weeks depending on the configuration required, resources and client-side technical services.
Can we customise the platform to suit the theme and brand of our business?
Yes, our platforms can be customised with your logo and colour scheme. Enterprise license platforms can be completely customised as per your requirements.
What languages are delivered with your platforms?
Both front-end and the administration back-office can be operated in any language. As standard, we supply by default English, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Simplified Chinese, Suomi, Indonesian, Korean, Malay, Thai and Vietnamese languages. Operators can add further language sets as and when required.
Does your platform support multi-tiered sub-affiliate referrals?
Yes. By default our platform supports up-to 50 levels of sub-affiliate referrals and can be configured to pay on a variety of different commission models.
Which currencies do your platforms support?
By default, we support Euro, Sterling and Dollar currencies. You can add further currency options as and when required with both the operator and partners being able to run reports in any chosen currency.
Which ewallet payment providers do you support?
Our platforms support PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and Intercash payment system API's, however we can add any ewallet payment system on request.
How do your platforms process payments?
The integrated payment and invoicing system allows total flexibility for the administrator to configure settings such as setting threshold limits, automatic tax calculation, manual adjustments, integrated payment methods and more. Your marketing partners are able to submit automatic payment request invoices, or manual requests using the built-in invoice generator.
Does your platform support role-based access for multiple users?
Yes, the administrator is able to provide unlimited users with role defined access to the system. Each user can be allowed individual access to specific sections of the system.
What commission models do your platforms support?
Our platforms support, rev-share, CPA, CPL, CPS tiered and time-based scales. In addition, our platforms also allow hybrid combinations of commission models to suit every requirement. Along with the customisation of individual commissions our platforms also provide the administrators an option to completely allow or disallow commission types from being available to individual partners for bespoke management of accounts.
Can commissions be easily customised for each partner?
Yes, each partner account can be accessed by managers & administrators through a simple account management system allowing full customization of individual partner commissions. Using a unique commission adjustment tool, administrators can easily adjust multiple accounts instantly.
How many trackers or campaigns can be created for each partner?
Our multi level marketing management software platforms are the only system that allows each partner to create an unlimited number of independently named campaigns, allowing the partner to report on each one and optimize their marketing strategy and maximise their return on marketing investment. Additionally, each tracker enables the partners to attach a dynamic long-tail sub-tracking identifier for use in 3rd party marketing networks.
Does your ad-server support dynamic banners and widgets?
Yes, we support any dynamic banners and widgets via html5 and html ad-serving solutions.
Does your ad-server support the ability for me to provide exclusive ads and offers for some partners?
Yes. Personal creatives can be uploaded and made only available to certain partners.
Do you provide RSS stats for external monitoring of performance?
Yes, we support authenticated RSS statistical feeds for daily monitoring, news and RSS creatives enabling operators to create dynamic content for partner websites.
Do you support offline marketing for coupons, print and commercial advertising tracking?
Using a unique referral code generator our platforms automatically assign offline referral codes to each partner to enable all forms of offline advertising to be tracked.
What account approval methods does your platform support?

Three account approval methods are available and can be adjusted easily using a combination of the three:

- automatic e-mail verification
- manual system approval
- manager assignment

How are banners delivered to partner websites?

Using our in-house global content delivery network, banners and other creatives are delivered instantly to partner websites, recording the ad display, unique views and calculating the performance of each individual creative. The advanced features of the Ads Management server allow administrators to swap-out old banners with new and instantly update each partners website with the new creative.

Are there any limitations to the number of paertners or campaigns supported?
Every license allows an unlimited number of partner accounts and campaigns to be created.
Is the platform fully scalable or are there limitations for brands, managers, banners or otherwise?
There are no limits to the number of brands, managers, administrators and advertising materials.
What are the technical specifications of your servers and software?


We use DELL PowerEdgeTMR blade servers with the following specifications:

CPU: TWO (2) x Intel® Xeon® L5520, 2.26Ghz, 8MB Cache, 5.86 GT/s QPI, Turbo, HT
RAM: 12GB Memory for 2 CPUs, DDR3, 1333MHz (6x2GB Dual Ranked UDIMMs)
Disks: TWO (2) x 600GB, SAS, 3.5-inch, 15K RPM Hard Drive (Hot Plug)
Hardware RAID Controller: Perc H200
Disk configuration: RAID 1 (one 600 GB virtual disk)
Power Supply: Dual redundant hot plug
Network: dual ethernet Gigabit port


Linux, Apache 2.2, PHP 5.2, MySQL 5.1

Data Center

We cloud host your system at one of our high-speed internet data centres where it is constantly maintained, upgraded and administered by our experienced and professional system administrators and technical staff 24/7/365. Secondary back-up and redundancy solutions are provided by our second mirrored data centre which is connected directly to the first by high speed fibre optic cable using multiple direct connections to the internet backbone via Cognet, Milanmix, Wind and Telecom IT.

Our datacenters are officially certified;

ISO 9001
ISO 27001
Tier IV

- 6.000 square meters
- room to host up to 60.000 servers
- electrical power capability: 5 MW
- Data room powered by 2 twin power centers connected by STS (Static Transfer Switch)
- power centers and data rooms separated by walls and doors REI 120 fire-resistant
- buildings respect anti-seismic regulations
- separate buildings for power centers and batteries/UPS
- dual redundant Power Distribution Units for each rack cabinet
- 24/7 Human presence in the NOC (Network Operation Center)
- Instant failover to the NOC of the other data center in case of problems on the local NOC
- Access to data rooms protected by both RFID and numeric code
- Visitors access regulated by identity check and pass release, only escorted by the internal staff.
- Intrusion detection system based upon combined usage of presence detectors, volumetric sensors, contact sensors on fixtures and vibration detectors
- external and internal video surveillance system
- automatic Fire and smoke detection system positioned both under the floating floor and above the ceiling
- monitoring and immediate localization of abnormalities through the NOC management console
- auto fire-off nitrogen system
- auto locking of fuel supply line to power generators in case of fire detection
- liquid detection system
- temperature and humidity monitoring and control system
- 62 Gigabit/s of total bandwidth shared between the two data centers
- 20 Gb/s total bandwidth to Wind
- 20 Gb/s total bandwidth to Cogent Communications
- 10 Gb/s total bandwidth to Telecom Italia (direct peering)
- 10 Gb/s total bandwidth to Milan NAP `Mixґ
- 1 Gb/s total bandwidth to Rome NAP `Namexґ
- 1 Gb/s total bandwidth to forpsi-CZ (thus to Prague NAP `NIXґ)
- 4 links between the two data centers providing a 40 Gigabit/s interconnection
- Tier IV requirements respect including:
- 2N Redundancy
- Distribution: 2 simultaneous lines
- Hot plug maintenance
- Resilience
- max down time 48' per year

What fees are charged for the platform licenses?

Installation & Integration Setup
Monthly License Fee
Data Storage

All prices are published on the website in order to provide full transparency.

I'm a large partner, can I license the platform to work with my existing partners?
Yes, our platforms are extremely flexible and can be configured to operate with multiple brands installed into one management platform. Depending on your partners configuration, capabilities and cooperation, integrations can be realized using multiple methods.
Are your software platforms mobile device friendly?
Yes, we support a wide variety of mobile devices and allows full reporting functionality for partners or managers to make use of.
Can your platform track Mobile acquisitions?
Yes, our experienced technical team will discuss your specific requirements for integration and ensure your signup process comply fully with the mobile tracking specification to ensure that all account signups are recorded accurately.
Is deep-linking possible for linking directly into specific pages?
Yes, our platform allows you to configure custom landing pages based on the banner that is being clicked. It will also allow personalized landing pages to be created for individual partners where required. Additional parameters may also be utilized for more complete control.
How do we integrate with your software platforms and what is required?
We provide full and detailed API specifications on the data format and structure to be returned to us as well as a full guide to integration. This includes the configuration of your customer facing webpages to accept our tracking parameters along with the storage and subsequent data export. Throughout the 4-week implementation period our project managers will be on hand to answer any queries and help guide you through the process. In certain circumstances additional services where requested can be provided to assist in the completion of your integration.
Do you software platforms support pixel tracking?
Yes, Our software platforms provide the ability to cater for pixel tracking if required.
What data return formats do you platforms support for the RAPI integration?
Data can be returned in either XML-RPC/SOAP array or CSV file format.
What should I do if I have a question that isn't answered here?
If you have any questions that are not answered here or in any other pages, please contact us